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The thrill of motion. The percussion of your heartbeat blending with the hum of your partner's core. The tension between commanding and responding. The negotiation of power, messy and terrifying and sublime. 

Sparks fly, within and without.

In this place, do you think you've found love?

Battlefield Lovers is a game about a pilot on the brink of death saved by a powerful mecha, and the relationship between the two that plays out on the battlefield. It's a two player and GMless exploration of the relationship between a pilot and their sapient mecha, how combat and relationships in the mecha genre are often one and the same, and making the subtext text.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Battlefield Lovers

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Battlefield Lovers rules! It's an extremely raw, intimate game, the kind I think about playing a lot but falter in trying to find the right fit. It handles its themes- war, grief, passion, dire & fluid relationships- exceptionally, both eloquently and responsibly. Battlefield Lovers is now one of my most treasured games I wait to play with people. 💕💕