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Maps are arguments, specific configurations and conceptions of the world that we may call truth or fiction. They enlighten in the same manner as they deceive. Maps sustain and propagate and are empowered by authority, but that power is one we can and must seize and subvert. Cartography is everything and nothing.

This is a game for destroying maps.


A companion to Inventing Time

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Tagscartography, lyric-game, maps, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Destroying Maps

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this is a foundational principle for me, thankyou for expressing it so elegantly ^_^

After this map gazed deeply into my soul, I gazed back. I saw what must be done. To destroy maps and such and build a new entity on it's ashes.

 Infinite potential


My task has begun.  It will not be easy by any stretch of imagination.  These maps, maps of self and society, can be peeled away like scraping a patina off a historic monument.  
I feel the urge to clean.  Clean it all.  It must be cleaned.  All obstacles must be removed.  This map is an obstacle.  It will be removed.