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 The time: the distant space-future. Maybe man has spread into the stars. Maybe the galaxy is inhabited by empires of intelligent dinosaurs and mystical bog witches. Whatever you think is sweet, really.

The location: the fabulous kingdom of Space Monte Carlo, a beautiful and fantastic blank slate that we assure you has no relation to mundane countries of similar name.

The event: the Galactic Grand Ball, only the greatest space ball to be put on, where anyone who's anybody will be attending, an evening and night of dance and drink and perhaps even... love?

The attendees: All of Society. The Magical Space Prinxe. The Nemesis of love. And of course, the Beloved.


Night at the Galactic Grand Ball is a larp for four players written for the 2016 Golden Cobras in which you assume one of four roles and their associated metatextual voice, vying for the hand of a common Beloved and arguing for and against the virtues of love.


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I adore the flexibility of this larp setup. Geostatonary paints the tone—lush, ostentatious—with a few choice descriptions, and then places the burden upon the players to drive the plot forward with razor-pointed leading questions. The built-in layers of player embodiment (Character, Narrative Voice, and OOC) flow naturally, but the additional specific voices (the commentary of the beloved, society's collective opinion, and the arguments for and against love) add an extra sweeping and melodramatic flair: a perfect fit for the style of the game.