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The Icthonike Rites are a set of ritual actions that, all together, provide a complete basis for experiencing life. This is Volume Δ: Transformation and the Dance of Time.

Is this a game?

There come moments in our lives where we are roused from the complacency and inertia of life and the world is shattered before us. Perhaps it is that the flaws and awful durance of the world is too much, or maybe it is that the rituals of others interfere with our sedate existence, or something else entire. Regardless, if you find yourself in a realm of dynamism and choice, a world of shapes and forms and agents, you have always already been a participant of the Icthonike Rites.

How do I use them?

Willful choice or existential symmetry will eventually lead you to a conclusion- here I am, you say, performing such and such Icthonike Rite. Locate the associated Rite and perform the associated actions until the end result comes to pass. If you feel the need for dice, interpreting their augury is up to you. If you're not sure whether it's worked, continue playing. You may abandon the Rite, but the Rite will not abandon you.

It is not necessary that you be aware that you are performing the Rites, but neither is it warned against.

What's in this one?

Volume Δ contains five rites: Vaultbreaker, Snakeskin, Faery Sight, Time's Spooling, and Distant Shores.

Can I have this for free?

Community copies are available for those in the LGBTQ+ community and those who cannot bear to stay as they are.

Why is Icthonike?

This ritual text was produced with the blessing of the esteemed ritualist and translator Émile St. Sécaire

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The Icthonike Rites, Vol Δ: Transformation and the Dance of Time

If you're lgbt+ or can't bear to stay as you are, and can't afford this game even at the lowest price, take this.

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