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It’s never that simple- even the grandest theories mean nothing if they can’t be applied in the field, and it’s on you to make that leap. Your squad may not realize it yet, but the access you bring to the edifice of the war and the cutting edge of military technology will push them into the future.

Every side wants an edge over the other- it’s your job to look forward and ask-

“What’s next?”

The Luminary is a playbook for Beam Saber by Austin Ramsey. Luminaries are brilliant and well-connected scientists who can provide support to the squad both on and off the battlefield. They do not pilot mechs, instead focusing on their connections to the military-industrial edifice that empowers them and the war, as well as a powerful squad that backs and sponsors them. They are a playbook interested in the ethics of military research, complicated relationships with their employers, and what it means to invent futures.

This fully illustrated playbook with art by Caro Asercion contains everything you need to play a Luminary, including:

  • 9 new playbook moves and 8 pieces of unique specialist gear
  • Advice on how to play and run games with Luminaries
  • Discussions of the ethics of the playbook
  • An essay by Izzie Melakh on the Luminary and disability

The Luminary is a Beam Saber supply drop. This playbook is an unofficial supplement and is not affiliated with Austin Ramsay.

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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